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Spinning around…but which way?

Centerpoint Tower. 1 of 3 spinny bars in Sydney.

Someone recently sent the Spinny Bar Historical Society a spinnytweet (use #sbhs, we are always listening) asking if spinny bars spun different directions in different hemispheres.

Well I gave a shout out to my friend Tony Mesa, from the Macton Corporation (the LARGEST spinny bar manufacturer in the world) and here is what he had to say

The drive of our revolving restaurant (Macton is the predominant manufacturer in the world) is reversible and has variable speed. Having said that, it seems the ones I’ve visited seemed to be set to rotate clockwise, however there is no specific reason for this. I don’t know if folks from the southern hemisphere would also choose to rotate them otherwise, since the clocks there also go… clockwise.

and thanks for clearing that up for us Tony!

I set a challenge to our readers. If you can document yourself in a spinny bar, and convince someone to reverse it’s direction, capture the reverse spinny bar action on film, I will send you something from the lovely Spinny Bar Historical Society merchandise selection.

now go forth…and safe spinning.


(image courtesy Chip_2904)

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